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Providing SAFE and RELIABLE transportation to Minnesotans who need it the most.
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We are a dedicated and compassionate group of experienced professionals that care deeply about the safety and well-being of our customers. Through exceptional customer service and clear communication we make the communities we serve more easily accessed by everyone.

Mission Statement

"Provide SAFE and RELIABLE transportation to Minnesotans who need it the most." 


Core Services

We offer wheelchair & stretcher services.

  • Waivered ​Ride Services

    • Rides to and from work or employment services, grocery shopping, religious services, and entertainment activities

  • NEMT

    • Rides to and from doctor, pharmacy and chiropractor visits, dialysis appointments, ​physical therapy, mental health services, and dental and vision appointments.

  • Certified Training Courses

    • Defensive Driving​

    • Passenger Assistance

    • Abuse Prevention

    • Adult and Pediatric Basic First Aid CPR/AED



We are proud to bring our diverse experience to the table. Our team includes over six years in the NEMT industry, thirty-five years in financial accounting, seventeen years in professional customer experience management, and a five year military veteran. What this means for you is knowledge navigating this complicated industry, hassle-free billing and payments, customer service you'll never be disappointed with, and discipline to continually strive for excellence.

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